Studio Lighting and Newborns


Studio Lighting Naturally is a book that I put together about 10 years ago.  When I first started with studio lighting, I read new photographers posting that they thought studio lighting looked unnatural.  I had to agree when looking at Sears Portraits and other chain studios.  It was just ugly…

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Day in the Life of an On-Location Newborn Photographer


I got up this morning and thought maybe I should do a little “Day in the Life of a Newborn Photographer.”  If you follow my personal instagram, you may have already seen many of these images. I used to have commercial studios.  I maintained them for 10 years.  As you…

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On Location Newborn Photography

on location newborn photographer

ON LOCATION NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY   I have to say, switching to on location newborn photography was the best thing I have done in a long time.   The newborn sessions seem to go so much smoother  I’ve been traveling to client homes in the Greater Baltimore areas including Harford County,…

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Newborn Photographer | Bel Air, Baltimore


Every time I photograph a newborn, I love to follow the newborn’s cues.  Is she tired?  Is she awake?  Does she need some quiet time because of overstimulation?  I always feel it is best to let the baby lead the photo session.  When we do so, I can, by observing,…

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Photographers – Free yourself!….. How Important is Light?

how to light

As you see, I’m sharing whatever comes to mind on this blog – that’s the entire purpose of this personal blog.  I’m anxious to share some more informative photography posts as well. In this absolute oversaturation in photography where everyone is a photographer, it is so disappointing to see how…

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Newborn Baby Photography Workshop / Mentoring

As you may or may not know, I offer mentoring one-on-one and occasionally a photography workshop (you can see more at ).  In this case, a photographer traveled here and had requested more hands on experience with newborns and studio lighting.  All mentoring is by request, so I typically…

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Lighting: Baltimore Newborn Photographer

Lighting:  The most important part of photographing beautiful images.  It’s amazing to me how often lighting is overlooked in this new wave of “everyone is a photographer” (this is said in fun, no other intentions ;)).  Every day, we are bombarded with images on social media, and there are very…

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Countdown…… New Photography Book.

The new book, 2 years in the making, will be released on Tuesday morning, January 28th.  Pre-orders will commence!    All details will be up on Tuesday including number of pages, what information is included, etc.  We are very excited to finally share!

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Newborn and Studio Lighting Naturally

Just a heads up – we have SIX Studio Lighting Naturally books left, and then they are gone for good – will no longer be produced.   They are priced at the lowest we have ever offered.  The original workshop that this book was from was valued at $1895.00. Here…

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