About the Photographer

Art Background

Maryland professional photographer, Jodie Holstein-Otte, began as an award-winning artist painting traditional portraits by hand in pastels and oils many years ago – portrait photography as a business became a natural progression.  She strives to maintain realism in portraits amongst these days of digital processing and creates images full of warmth and peace with classic rich tones using both natural and studio lighting that has been nationally recognized for excellence in lighting.  She photographs children, teens, and families, and she was the original newborn photographer of the Greater Baltimore area in the early 2000s and operated three commercial studios in the Northern Baltimore area.


Jodie’s portrait, nature, and commercial work has been in local publications as well as nationally in Parenting, American Baby, Brio Magazine, Parents, Fit Pregnancy, InStyle, US Weekly, People Magazine, the New York Times, and on Fox News in Baltimore and CNN.  Her work has been published in the Big Book of Babies by J.C.Suares, and she is known  as the photographer behind the Similac Infant Formula ad campaigns  from 2009-2011.  Her images may also be seen on greeting cards, in books, publications, and teaching material for medical professionals.

Business for Photographers

Jodie believes in giving back to the photography community that was a part of her life for so long.  She writes free business articles as well as has tutorials, actions, and other products available for photographers on her business website Real Business for Photographers .   She is well known for her simplistic natural approach to studio lighting and posing newborns in her books  Studio Lighting Naturally for Newborns  and  The Lost Art of Great Images in Camera


Present Day

Once the field of photography became oversaturated as in current days “everyone is a photographer”, Jodie took a step back and is now only taking part-time portrait work and special commissions, allowing for better care and attention with each and every client she photographs.  With her intense eye for detail and work most noted for lighting ratios and composition which runs parallel with a mathematical brain,  Jodie went back to her accounting roots and is currently pursuing higher studies in math and actuarial services.


In the present day, you will find Jodie spending time with her husband of 20 years and her teen son and daughter, enjoying the outdoors with her horses, or photographing anything and everything as you can see on her Personal Blog.    She also works on special projects as she supports her daughter’s artistic endeavors as seen in the many special effect creations.  Erynn has become her muse in a sense.


Jodie may be reached at jodieotte@gmail.com

Best Memory as a Photographer

During the height of my business, as the photographer that was behind the Similac Ad Campaigns from 2009-2011, I was able to participate as the “newborn specialist” in a two week shoot, shooting live video of babies. I was absolutely in heaven. We brought LA and Chicago to us in little Hunt Valley, Maryland at a huge studio.   It was an amazing time – being escorted by set staff so as to not trip on wires while carrying the newborns, scrub footies over my boots to keep from scuffing the floors, burp cloths over my shoulders -it was awesome. Even when the director came over and whispered “Can you get the babies to do something, time is money…” when I had just warned him in the green room that we needed to move quickly as the baby was ready NOW, and he came back 20 minutes later!   It makes me laugh thinking back. Six babies to juggle while keeping everything clean and timing their sleep/awake times just right.

A fun moment was when I didn’t like the way the babies were being held for the camera – it was too elaborate… people sitting in chairs unnaturally.  I took one of the newborns as she was fussy, and started calming her and holding her in front of the camera just the way I would have wanted to see her in the video. The videographer stopped everything and said, “THAT is how we are going to shoot this.” and that’s just what we did…. the video was gorgeous.

My not so favorite moment is when I was rushed off to makeup and wardrobe because they liked how I interacted with the babies instead of the models. I actually made the cut and was in one of the videos that were released – to this day, it makes me cringe to watch it. I belong BEHIND the camera.

Ahh… those were the days…. the days when commercial shoots paid six figures to photographers…. now?  Now photographers are fighting each other to get $500 commercial work.    Nah, I bow out of that war…. haha! 🙂