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I love things in my house that are both pretty and usable.   I had purchased these magnetic spice tins a few years ago and started keeping them on my refrigerator.  I absolutely hate things on refrigerators, so I’ve been meaning to move them to a wall.  I purchased some stainless steel strips from Amazon, and drilled some holes in them.

drill through stainless steelPrepared a template before hanging the strips.


magnetic spice tinsAnd done….

When I have time, I love to cook.  Lately, I haven’t had any extra time… between the day job, photography, and finishing the accounting degree, I don’t have much time to spare; however, Dean is a wonderful cook and he has done a great job at taking up the slack in that area.

Cooking comes natural to him.  He can look in the pantry after I have assessed that there is “nothing to eat”, and he can whip up an amazing meal out of whatever is there.  He does have a gift.

Well, I couldn’t post this project without taking some artistic shots of the spices, now could I?

Can you identify them all?  I can…. but there is one I never use and it is there just because it’s pretty… the star anise.

fennel seed

cinnamon stickspaprikabay leafanise


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