Re-purposed Furniture Project

Where have I been with the Home Decor Projects?  Busy!  haha

Between semesters, I have done the following:

  • Spent hours sanding down our deck and railings because of a terrible thing that happened with a paint product that I will post this spring about – do not buy things like Behr Deckover.  Warning – you will regret it.
  • Painted a ceiling fan to match a room.
  • Hand painted trees on a wall in the family room.
  • Repaired walls/ceilings from a leak and overall just aging house.
  • Dean cut down a huge tree and got our septic redone and well fixed (I know all you city folk have no idea what kind of ordeal that is! lol!)
  • Repainted a bathroom.
  • Re-caulked way too many doors, mouldings, etc.
  • Started a bonsai mini greenhouse.
  • Cleaned so much stuff!
  • Reorganized the mudroom into an actual mudroom and not just a dog sleeping area.  Put up shelving, etc.
  • “Refaced” grout in kitchen, laundry room, powder room.
  • Turned half of the home studio into a tack room – love it!

A lot of little things that add up quickly.  For instance, here’s a project I worked on this weekend…..
ottoman projectSee this ugly old ottoman/storage trunk?  This was in my first studio back in the early 2000s.  It housed extra clothing/props for the studio.  I put it under a window in the home office, and our animals got to it.  I was getting ready to put it in the “to the dump” pile and realized it had a decent frame.  Maybe it had some use or a repurpose in some way?  I saved it for a few weeks but I HATE CLUTTER.  I knew I had to do something with it this weekend or it would truly go to the dump.


diy projectI tore it apart and gathered up some tools – circular saw, drill (all able to be run on batteries), heavy duty stapler, screws, staples, hammer, and some old floor boards from the studio.  I have so many boards I used to construct sets in the commercial studios, and they were going to go to the burn pile, but then I thought better of it and have been using them for things like shelving and projects like this.


diy project houseCompletely deconstructed, including hardware, I looked at what I had.  The foam on the top could use some extra padding as some of it was incredibly worn.  The interior could be left intact – it was just a bit of black material stapled to the inside.  The skeleton was pretty nice.

repurposeI measured and realized that my floor boards were the perfect size to use to surround and “reface” this entire trunk with.   Minimal cutting.  I screwed them in, sunk the screws in just in case I want to add a filler later and repaint, but I’m kinda digging the washed gray look.

I stripped the wood boards down to small thin pieces and screwed them around the lid of the ottoman as well so that it would then match the bottom in size, put in some new padding (this will sink down a bit with some use so I piled it a bit high), stapled fabric all the way around, and used upholstery tacks for trim.  I reassembled the top to the bottom and screwed the feet back in.   Not bad at all.  Now this can go back in my office under a window…..

I may do a bit more detail later as far as repainting, but my office is gray, beige, and black, so this works.  The cats already love lying on it in front of the window…. and we can always use more storage of course.

upholstery tacks


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