Camera is up! – Day 324 – Foaling Camera/Video

The horse-cam is officially up and running.   I am going to be streaming at certain times of the day.  I have to limit my usage of my internet hotspot to insure we don’t run out of gigabytes before the birth.  As she shows more and more signs that she is ready to have the foal, I will start running the feed 24/7.  She’s not quite ready for 24/7, but I figured I would share the links for those who want to bookmark and check in here and there.

The cam is up!!!!

Iphone/Ipad link:

What you’re seeing:  When the cam is running, you will see Stormy in her stall.  This is not the “foaling stall”.  We will either move her or take out a divider between two stalls when she is ready (and yes, the camera will follow  – about that time is when I will be streaming 24/7.

I had a bit of a surprise when I peeked in on her this morning….. she was sound asleep, but you can see she is bagging (her udders are getting bigger).  Still not quite ready.

When she is ready to foal, we should see her being “unsettled”.  Up and down, swishing tail a lot, and biting or kicking at her belly.  Occasionally they rub their backside against a wall seeking a bit of relief from their discomfort.    Again, when this begins to happen, the video will be going 24/7!  🙂

Thanks for watching  – I will keep you all updated.  Stormy is officially on day 324.  Foals are born between days 310-360, so who knows how long we have to wait.  It could be very soon, it could be weeks!

Sleeping Stormy above…. I’m off to a photo shoot in Virginia today (*cringe*  I hate being so far away from her even though I know she should be fine)  I’m not sure if being able to see her whenever I want by video is a good thing for me.  She was biting at her belly this morning, but I’m going to keep telling myself, she was just scratching her itches… haha…. but maybe if I leave early enough from my house, I can run in and sneak a peek in person… 🙂

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