Erynn and Pixie – Happy Birthday!

HORSE-HUGToday is my daughter’s 16th birthday.  My little girl – my youngest.  Erynn is such a beautiful person  inside and out.  We could not be more proud of this young lady – intelligent, creative, quick-witted, and confident yet incredibly aware, insightful, and compassionate.  I will never forget when Dean and I were visiting her in the intermediate care nursery at the hospital hearing Dean say “Why is she looking at me like that?  It’s like she can see to my soul.”  Yes….I believe she can….. she’s quite an empath.

I was going to post some baby pictures of Erynn but didn’t want to embarrass her… so decided to focus pictures on her loves….

A huge part of Erynn is her connection with animals.   One can never think about Erynn without including an animal or two or nineteen…. ;)… so I must include a few in this blog post….

A little over a year ago, so many were glued to their screens watching live video as Erynn and I ran back and forth to the barn to be there for Stormy’s foal to be born.  Many were witness to Stormy turning her back on the camera and having little Pixie just out of view but I tried to make up for it in these photographs and recount of the birth.  Not only is today Erynn’s birthday, but yesterday was Pixie’s 1st birthday.   We did a bit of a photo shoot.   I really like catching the two of them when Erynn isn’t looking… because she’s so very relaxed in her element….

A lot has changed in a year – Pixie is soooo much bigger, and Erynn chopped her hair off – which I ADORE…. With her confidence and her “pixie-like” features, she can sure pull it off….. even in barn clothes 😀


What do you think of this color?  Isn’t she gorgeous?  Remember, Erynn mapped out the genetics of the champagne horses at MCM, and we knew this was a possibility.  Classic champagne – almost the color of a weimeraner dog.  Erynn said this is the result of black and champagne genes coexisting together.  As far as her paint markings go, she is considered a tobiano – however, she also has the sabino gene, leaving her paint marking on her shoulder “laced”.

friesian mane

this mane!!!  Nice and thick, similar to a Friesian’s (remember, she’s Tennessee Walker, Friesian, American Paint).  Her mane is black at the base and has “frosting” on the tips, but has a white section coming from her paint markings.

Pixie was not impressed with the cake or the hat….



friesian-cross-horsePixie moves beautifully – and check out how she holds her tail!!

HORSE SHAKING HANDSEveryone talks about how friendly Pixie is.  She comes right up to the gate/fence and hangs out.  It’s so hard to get a picture if you don’t have someone occupying her mind while you step back a little bit.  It helps that from the first day she was born, Erynn was right there handling her.

This coming year, we will be working on ground manners.  My personal goals are to see her lightly working on a lunge line and definitely ponying her on some trails.  She still needs to learn to stand properly in cross ties and to not panic when you take her away from her herd.  We’ll get to it.  The nice weather will help.

At year two, Erynn will begin the processes leading up to riding her.  I have no doubt she is going to be quite the hand full.  The second Erynn let her off the lead to let her run, she FLEW…. and bucked, and carried on………..

dancing-horse champagne

I cannot wait to see what is in store for Erynn and Pixie……  Happy birthday to both you girls!  Erynn, I think you are the envy of so many grown adults who wished they could have their dream horse haha! 😀

classic champagne color horse


And Stormy is 19 years old now, and still as determined to run and carry on as ever.  Erynn is getting her back in shape and ready for a show in another week.



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