Horses on Small Acreage – My History in Horses

We are starting a new venture.  Horses on Small Acreage.

I grew up in a home of non-horse-people.  You either are a horse person or you are not.  I begged my parents for a horse, but they were neither in the area nor the circle of horse people.  I fought a losing battle.  🙂  Occasionally I was taken to ride, and I loved every minute of it.  I remember being on a horse that reared up and I was smiling big – I loved it!  No fear at all.

stormyI noticed when my kids were little, they seemed to like animals.  I swore to myself that if either of them were interested in horses, we would eventually have our own horses if at all possible.  Some time around 2005, we were in the right area for horses, and a friend had told me about Muddy Creek Meadows.  I enrolled both Barrett and Erynn into their lesson program.  It was a great time.

Barrett and Erynn, both introverts, gained skills from riding – confidence was one of them.  There is something about children learning compassion and confidence around horses that seems pretty unmatched to me.   A few months into their riding, I decided I wanted to ride too.  I told the instructor, “I noticed you have openings in this class, do you mind if I take one of the openings?  I’ve ridden before, but you can treat me like a kid.  I just want to have some fun.”

horsesI’m not sure how she took me, but she had to about laugh herself silly inside when I got up on a pony… yes a PONY and nearly had a heart attack.  I was scared out of my mind.  I felt so high up and out of control.  It’s amazing what becoming a parent can do for your confidence and coordination in physical matters.

We bought our first horse not too long after we started at MCM.  Two lesson horses had come up for sale.  Dixie, a small chestnut, and Stormy, a beautiful crazy colored paint that no one could keep clean, but she had gone sour in lessons.  She was much more expensive than Dixie, but I wanted one of them.  I asked the instructor who would be the better horse, and she said – Stormy, definitely.

Stormy had her little problems, but having one owner and out of lessons, she came around very well and she has been the best horse – everyone should hope to have a horse like her in their lifetime.

fun show horsesBarrett and Erynn attended horse camp and activities at MCM.  We all had a wonderful time there.  We have watched so many grow up over the years and we have had our own horses come and go.  Although an excellent rider, Barrett naturally drifted away from horses.  It is nice knowing that he will forever have that skill, though.  Erynn turned into a true horse person.   Horses are in her blood through and through, and it is definitely something we share together.


Who can forget the amazing times at Muddy Creek Meadows –

dapple gray horseThe fun shows – Here’s our first one where Erynn rode Stormy much too fast and Barrett discovers bareback is not always good for boys!

broken leg horse

Erynn’s  crazy accident with No Brakes where he fell on her and broke her leg in eight places (then we bought him of course ;))

horse rearing

….and then Erynn subsequently taking her “cast” off and showing in 4H, making it through districts, counties, and then to states running the barrels on Stormy (oh yeah, also the place where I popped out of my saddle after a jump and made a fool of myself lol!)

cowboy polo

MCM’s Cowboy Polo – Need I say more?  Too much fun!!!!


Bringing Dean up for a little triathlon of sorts – kayaks, horses, and sushi

horseback riding

Uncle John’s Ride

conewago trail ridersConewago Trail Riders (which we hope to still continue with!)

horse costumeThe Halloween parties and the horse costumes!  

percheron cross

Getting in over our heads trying to outfit Dean with a big horse when he turned up to be highly allergic to horses and we ended up having to sell this guy that needed quite a bit of work!

horse birth……and last but not least…… everyone watching the live feed waiting for the moment and finally the birth of our beautiful beautiful Pixie!

horse peopleWe learned so much over the years about horses and about ourselves, and we cannot thank MCM enough for being a part of our journey.   We are so super busy right now, but we hope they know how much we have appreciated everyone.

Sometimes we need to make life changes as time happens, and we have so much history wrapped up with Muddy Creek, it was so incredibly tough leaving there.  We made soooo many friends at MCM… our horse family……they will always be our horse family….. and we have room in our hearts for more horse family as well!

We are making some BIG changes – we are fulfilling mine and Erynn’s dream, to have our horses with us at our home.  We started the transition process a month ago and moved them closer to us to Flying Change Performance Horses (also full of wonderful horse people), and the next step is moving them to our home.  We have a lot going on right now – the septic has to be redone (cannot believe our septic lasted 30 years, it’s definitely time for a new one!), excavation, and construction.  I’d like to do a series on this transition.  I’m going to include information such as costs and how we are saving our finances but also the pros and cons, our successes and failures.

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