Pixie the Classic Champagne Filly….

Pixie is definitely growing quickly.  These images were from last month while she still had her foal fur… now she has changed so much – and I will share her recent pictures soon.

Pixie is turning out to be a classic champagne paint.  Remember, we thought she was a black and white paint at first and then realized her skin was pink and her eyes were blue.  That clued us in that she is a classic champagne (classic champagnes usually end up the color of a weimeraner dog – they are fairly rare) which is genetically, the champagne gene (from Stormy) over black.

We expect her body fur to turn the color of a weimeraner, and we expect her to have dark points – her mane and tail should remain dark, and around her knees and down should be dark – however, this will be hard to see as she has white socks that will cover most of the dark point area.  This all is pretty standard for a classic champagne.

Her eyes, although beautiful, we will not stay blue…. they could be anything from gold to amber to hazel to green (extremely rare).  We will just wait and see.  In the meantime, look at these eyelashes!

Foal fur up against her champagne paint momma…..

Pixie is so friendly.  She loves people.  She walks right up to anyone.  She’s such a cool laid back filly – very confident with herself.

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