Stormy Girl on CNN #Stormywatch

If you have been following, you know or are watching Stormy’s live feed – waiting on her birth.  We are currently on her due date, and it’s a full moon!  Let’s hope for something to happen tonight!  We had a scare on Friday, thinking she was ready, but wasn’t quite there…….. but check it out…. Stormy on CNN hahaha 😉


Stormy seems to have her own cult following.  We never expected anything like this, but wow…. Stormy has no clue people are watching!  Or maybe she does and that’s why she’s not having the baby yet 😉

At any rate, has Stormy been showing signs of labor?  Sure has…. we think the baby has turned and is ready as I feel movement in her flanks.  She has waxed for those who have asked and know what that means.  Her entire hind end including around her tail, spine, and back of legs is like jello (the entire area is supposed to soften).  We did do a pH milk test and it’s as low as it goes…. last night she was pretty agitated in her stall and this morning to noon, she was extremely agitated, swinging her tail everywhere, doing a little “dance” with her front legs, yawning and fleming, shaking her head, biting her belly, and pawing at the floor…… so all signs point to yes, but she’s on her own time table unfortunately.  When we showed up tonight, we walked her around to stretch her legs, and she’s now back in the stall in total peace and quiet.

We can’t wait to see this foal.  It’s a full moon tonight… yay!






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