Stormy’s Foal – Genetic Calculations – Champagne Possibilities

Note:  *** For anyone just joining us, the blog is being taken over right now for the Countdown to Stormy’s Foal’s birth.  We are streaming live video in a few days to start monitoring, so anyone who wants, can watch the birth live.  To read everything about Stormy’s Foal, click on Categories above, and scroll to Stormy’s Foal.  To contact or browse J. Otte Photography Portraits/Weddings, etc., click on the side bar or above to the galleries.  Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook as we will be giving a “play by play” of any birth activity!


Well, it’s day 308 (ideal date to get to is 320 and beyond), and we just noticed that Stormy’s udders are starting to change.  They are becoming thicker and denser all around the area, so this is feeling like we are starting to really countdown…..   I will be setting up the camera shortly and releasing the video feed for anyone who wants to watch.


The big question on all of our minds – what is this foal going to look like?

Can’t wait to find out….. let’s look at the basics.



Here we have Stormy……

  • Breed:  Tennessee Walking Horse/Paint
  • One blue eye, one amber eye
  • Color:  Champagne and White with Black/Brown through her forelock and tail
  • Her base skin color is pink with freckles
  • Her father was that champagne-ish color, and her mother was a bay paint (see below)


And here we have Taser…

  • Breed:  Friesian/Paint
  • Dark eyes
  • Color:  Black and White
  • His base skin color is black
  • His father was black, and his mother was a bay paint


Where does this leave us?

We did the best genetic calculations we could, using several different calculators and here is what we have come up with….

75% chance the baby will be a paint (a color and white)


or there is a 25% chance we will see a solid black, bay, champagne, or classic champagne with possibilities of white blaze on face or white socks.

Then, there’s the eye color variable.  We have black/brown eyes like Taser or blue eyes (one or two, although two is fairly unlikely even though Stormy had a baby with two blue eyes in the past), or even amber eyes (this is a trait of the champagne gene).

Many of us at Muddy Creek Meadows think that the light color will be dominant (although of course we hope it isn’t light as light horses are so hard to keep clean! ;)), but the genetic calculators are really split right down the middle between light/dark.   We will soon find out, won’t we?

Here’s a photo of Stormy as a baby with her mother (and with Trisha – her original owner – hope it’s okay I posted that image… it shows Stormy’s coloring so well ;)) .  Since her father was champagne, the champagne gene diluted her mother’s coloring perfectly.  That gene is very strong.


CHAMPAGNE HORSES:   When we first had Stormy, we thought she was a palomino paint.  She is not a palomino paint.  Palominos have a base skin color of black.  Champagne horses are very odd in that they have a lot of freckling on their pink skin.  They also have amber eyes.  Check out THIS LINK and see more about champagne horses.  There are quite a few varieties of them.

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