MARYLAND-NEWBORN-PHOTOGRAPHERHello all – yes, this is busy busy busy busy busy time for me.   I feel like I am running full speed and haven’t been able to catch my breath.

(psst… check out this adorable little newborn while I ramble for a second)

Just a quick check-in to say – still alive, still plugging away at everything…. I used to think when I had toddlers that life was so crazy.  No.  It seems now that I have teens, it is even crazier.

Every weekend, I think – hey, I’m going to sit down and put together some blog posts.  Lord knows I have tons to share cause the Otte household is never normal or routine.  Then I realize I have a paper due for college or I need to catch up on some editing or the deck needs power-washing or I just want to cuddle up with Dean and relax… haha!

newborn photographer