In your head…. in your head…..Zombie, zombie, zombie….

I’m learning now that I am back to blogging, I should just share when the spirit moves me… haha… instead of trying to do anything in chronological order or having any rhyme or reason.  I have so much more to share regarding the photography industry… but while I have a moment, and something interesting, I’m just going to share….

A friend of mine (from all the way back in high school!) on the other side of the U.S. asked if Erynn would be interested in helping her with a project… it involved zombies, so OF COURSE!  Anyway, here is some of what we did for fun tonight……

A little extreme, but this again, was about fun….. you know…. since we live up in the cornfields and we have no street lights…. we can think of what could possibly be living in the corn….  (Yes, I am aware that this is digitally over the top in every way – nothing wrong with a bit of fun here and there that is not supposed to look real….. but see all the way below….)


…..and a stop into the ice-cream shop for a milkshake, since she could only consume out of a straw….

I really wanted to find a deer carcass but… well…. that didn’t work out…. however…. this one is my personal favorite….

A quick note:  This image has been on reddit and imgur and I know a lot of people are making comments about HDR.  Some quick tips – don’t scream HDR unless you really know lighting, not everyone is using HDR software.  This particular image is pretty nice out of camera.  Two light sources were used here with a bounce of one behind her.  After I shot – didn’t need to shoot much, this is all Erynn….. I pulled the image into PhotoShop, did an S-curve for contrast, and then used a dodge and burn layer.  This is “old school” PhotoShop to create that look.   Yes, it’s a little over the top, but this is about fantasy, not about realism.  If you want realism, you can look at my portrait work and my casual work 😉

Here’s an out of camera and edited.  As you can see, the biggest edit is just the dodge and burn.  Erynn has a LOT of texture on her.  She even has a gloss over the work to keep it looking wet and shiny instead of matte and dull.  Her hair adds to the magic of course.

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