Storage Solutions and Wardrobe Room

We had a guest room.  It was simply an extra room that wasn’t really used.  A few years ago, we decided to fill it with wardrobes.  There is not a lot of closet space in this house surprisingly – our master bedroom walk in closet isn’t that big, so we needed somewhere for overflow clothes, shoes, etc.

Solution?  lining a portion of the room with wardrobes from Ikea.

Before I go on, let me say – I like Ikea for one thing – simple storage solutions.  I do not believe in purchasing Ikea furniture that you plan on keeping forever.  For instance – these wardrobes are great.  They suit the purpose, but they will not move with us in the future.  Once Ikea furniture is up, don’t think you can take it down and move it to the next house – nope… that’s why it’s cheap.

At any rate, I love having the extra storage….

and a little secret… behind the curtain in the room is a shoe closet…

Yeah, as much as I want to downsize the house, it is nice having this extra room 😉  Oh, here’s an incense bottle like I showed in another post

Back to the other side of the room….

I put up some shelves above a table…. we have some storage under the table as well.  That is a llama you see there on the top shelf – I’m really not sure why we have a llama….  random things happen in this house….

Labeled all the boxes – I liked this look. I took some brown construction paper and wrote with a silver paint pen. Definitely better than the cream paper that came with the boxes.

I’ve been frustrated not being able to easily get to my ironing board. I hate trying to scramble in the morning to iron a shirt last minute and having to drag the board out and inevitably, it will stay out… and I’ve got some sensory issues for sure – I cannot stand the sound an ironing board makes when you open up the metal legs. It drives me absolutely crazy. I’d just rather not iron anything. I know… that’s bad. After contemplating what would be the easiest solution, I decided to take some pine boards we had around and make a track to slide the ironing board out.

So let me back up, Dean took the metal legs off of my ironing board for me, so all that was left was a top. I made the wooden tracks just the right width apart to fit the ironing board top in.

And there ya go – that easy. Now I can have a quick ironing session, no fingernails-on-a-chalkboard type of noise, and the board slides right back under the table – so then there’s no mess left!

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