Pixie turns two and first ride

I really do not want to know when the last time I blogged was.  Life is very full.  After 10 years of boarding, we moved the horses home (more on that later)…  For those who have followed Pixie from birth, she turned 2 years old on May 20th, while Erynn turned 17 on May 21st.

Dean and I had to go away this weekend to take care of some final things since the passing of his mother this past fall.  We spent a little time in Lewisburg together, and while we were there, Erynn texted me that she had gotten up on Pixie.  We were planning on having her do that but the rain has kept us from it, so I was a bit shocked.  She said she simply got up and scratched her until she was calm.  She had been practicing putting a little weight on her back as well as teaching her some verbal cues and mouth pressure while on the ground.

Tonight, Erynn rode for the first time.

classic-champagne-freisianI have to say, I was super nervous.  She tacked her up with ease because she has been working with that (excuse the halter under the bridle which we can’t stand, and the rainbow reins but we needed easy on/off with the reins and the ability to grab a halter or put a lead on.)


She hopped up and Pixie didn’t flinch.  She decided to move her out.  I couldn’t get a lot of great shots because I wanted to stay close.  I led her with her at first, but in only a few minutes, she had her moving forward and stopping.  Her steering has a lot to be desired but overall, she was responding.  A few times we saw a bit of an attitude and Erynn was onto her every move, but after a while just walking calmly, she ended on a good note.


And finally, a nice face scratch for being such a sweetheart.  These girls are going to be amazing together.

Disclaimer:  Before anyone lectures me on when is the proper time to ride a horse for the first time, let me throw this out there, Pixie is bigger than Stormy now, and Erynn is taking this easy and slow.  Erynn is only 100 pounds and plans on teaching her very slowly.  Right now, it is as simple as getting on and just walking.  They are building a bond.  There will be no jumping any time soon or even galloping.  This is just basic getting used to what’s in store for the future.


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