House Rabbit Solution – Converting Furniture

lionlop-breeder-marylandErynn wanted the Mighty Boosh (see our rabbit adventure details here) to be in her room as a house rabbit…. so…. of course I had to create something that worked in her room.   The Boosh is a lionlop mix and has to be groomed fairly often, so he’s definitely staying a house rabbit, even though he has been in and out of our rabbitry as well.

Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with having rabbits indoors or outdoors as long as their needs are being met  – food, water, climate control, attention, and companionship.  Our rabbit house outdoors is awesome – you walk in, and it’s like walking into a barn of horses… you hear munching of hay, and there’s a cool breeze due to fans, shade cloth on portions of the windows, and air circulation.  I will be writing a few articles on this on the Anomaly Rabbitry site in the future.

I decided to convert a piece of furniture into a rabbit hutch.  I started with a cheap piece of Ikea furniture…. a TV stand.

We cut out the center so that the rabbit could pass through.converting-rabbit-hutch


Then I took some old tile we had let over from the kitchen floor years ago and tiled the floor and walls (Thankfully, we own a wet saw – can’t begin to tell you how often that has come in handy with our many home projects).   This piece came with glass doors, so I smashed the glass doors (this was way more difficult than it seems) and added hardware cloth.  bunny hutchThe result:



Not bad….. I will still modify this a bit.  I’m going to add about 4 inches of plexiglass to the bottom of the front of the cage to insure that hay, bunny waste, etc. stays inside and doesn’t come out onto the floor.  We are still working on litter training the Boosh.  He’s the only one of our rabbits that doesn’t seem to get the concept well, so hopefully we will keep everything in his litter box.  I want to add a mounted hay rack to the side wall inside of here.

This has definitely turned out to be a good option instead of one of the ugly plastic or metal cages you find in most pet stores.

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