Been a bit busy…. this holiday season has been quite packed with activities.   We homed all of our rabbits from the fall 2015 litters (except Big Chief Woolabum Boomalackaway but we will introduce you to him later on ;))  .  Remember this photo shoot?   Well, here they were at 6 weeks…

If you are interested in adopting a lionhead – scroll down….

maryland lionhead blue eyed white maryland lionhead VM lionhead breeder BEW lionhead breeder rabbit breeder maryland lionhead baltimore lionheads

We are expecting four more litters in 18 days.  We will have January 2016 babies and they will be ready for adoption at the end of March – right before Easter.

Erynn has done an amazing job with these rabbits!

See the Website at for more information – and read up on bunny care tips before making any decisions.