Sire (Father) of Stormy’s Foal.

Note:  *** For anyone just joining us, the blog is being taken over right now for the Countdown to Stormy’s Foal’s birth.  We are streaming live video in a few days to start monitoring, so anyone who wants, can watch the birth live.  To read everything about Stormy’s Foal, click on Categories above, and scroll to Stormy’s Foal.  To contact or browse J. Otte Photography Portraits/Weddings, etc., click on the side bar or above to the galleries.

Stormy is a Tennessee Walking Horse/Paint.  For those who know about TWHs, she’s not gaited.  She is quite the athletic jumper.  She can jump high, and she’s fast.  She’s very versatile.  We decided we wanted to bring Friesian into the mix.  We were worried about breeding to a 17 hh Friesian, so we started searching out Friesian Paint crosses.  We happened upon Molly’s Taser near Scranton, PA and on a whim, I contacted the owners.  We seemed to click right away, and they agreed to breed.  Our plan was to breed Stormy to hopefully get a nice sport horse out of her.

Breeding wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be.  Stormy was not showing signs of being ready (looking back, maybe she knew it was going to be a terrible winter and didn’t want to birth her foal in the freezing cold mess here in Maryland!), so after the first failed breeding attempt in Spring, we went through uterine flushes, giving her shots of medicine, and finally, our vet told us to take her on a trip for one more try.  He specifically said, breed her once.  No more.  To breed her more would risk a uterine infection/reaction again.   Fathers day, June 16, 2013, we drove the four hours, took her off the trailer, watched the deed take place, packed her back in the trailer, and drove four hours back.  Whew!!!  Two weeks later, another ultrasound revealed it took.  She was pregnant!  Not too long after that, we had our vet do another ultrasound and tell us if he thought she was a filly (girl) or a colt (boy).  He said filly, so I guess we will see here shortly, huh?


Ready to see the beautiful and majestic Taser?  Beautiful, isn’t he?  (Picture from Serendipity Farms)  50% Friesian, 50% American Paint.  He is also quite the gentleman.  Gorgeous and well mannered.   So the big question – what is this foal going to look like?   We have done some genetic calculations, and will share in on of the next posts!  Tomorrow’s post will be our official “maternity shoot”.  🙂

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