The Pro Photographer Stuff…. and the Human Stuff….

Professionally Speaking:  Maryland professional photographer, Jodie Holstein-Otte, began as an award-winning artist painting traditional portraits by hand in pastels and oils many years ago – portrait photography as a business became a natural progression.  She strives to maintain realism in portraits amongst these days of digital processing and creates images full of warmth and peace with classic rich tones using both natural and studio lighting that has been nationally recognized for excellence in lighting.  She photographs children, teens, and families, and she was the original newborn photographer of the Greater Baltimore area in the early 2000s and operated three commercial studios in the Northern Baltimore area.

jodie otte newborn photographerJodie’s portrait, nature, and commercial work has been in local publications as well as nationally in Parenting, American Baby, Brio Magazine, Parents, Fit Pregnancy, InStyle, US Weekly, People Magazine, the New York Times, and on Fox News in Baltimore and CNN.  Her work has been published in the Big Book of Babies by J.C.Suares, and she is known  as the photographer behind the Similac Infant Formula ad campaigns  from 2009-2011.  Her images may also be seen on greeting cards, in books, publications, and teaching material for medical professionals.

Jodie has taught photography all over the US as well as in Australia.  She was a spokesperson for Multiblitz Lighting and Buckeye Pro Imaging and was a speaker for the PPA of Ohio.  She wrote Studio Lighting Naturally and The Lost Art of Getting Great Images Straight Out of Camera, and is currently releasing a new instructional photography book.


Personally Speaking:  Okay…. what can I say, my life is insanity.

romantic giftI’ve been married 22 years to a man who is way too intelligent for me; I only wish he would use his gifts for good and not evil.  What do I mean, you ask?  Take this past Valentine’s Day…  I find this on the kitchen table – He said he wanted to give me a new ring, something dirty, and something slinky.  Yes, folks, the romance is still alive!

Me:  “I dyed my hair black, what do you think?”

Him:  “Well now it matches your soul.”


I hear these things EVERY. DAY.

My children are now adults which makes me… old.

computer programming booksMy boy is the man of few words (but when he talks, those words are something to listen to) who lives in a world of computer programming and software engineering.  In complete contrast to the nerd you just pictured in your head, he’s a bodybuilder (yes, and people stare…), and in his spare time he reads titles such as Structured Cobol Programming, PHP and MySQL, and Schrodinger’s Kittens and the Search for Reality

gorey makeupMy girl is all art, big words, and punnet squares.  She can tell you all about the Vienna gene in rabbits and the genetics of champagne horses, speak and write in Korean and German, complete one brilliant essay that ends up in a full-ride two-year scholarship to a local college (true story!) but then sends a text, “Look what I did last night.” with a picture of her arm missing.  I should not be concerned, right? It’s creative expression, right?

dean and jodie otteAnd then there’s me.  I despise being in front of the camera.  I have way too many quirks and way too many self-inflicted tasks on my theoretical plate.  I can hear fluorescent lights. Strobing light sources give me immediate nausea.  I’m ambidextrous.  I absolutely love everything about math, algebra, and calculus (I can live without the graphing portions though).  I’d rather shovel horse manure (which I do daily) than walk on a treadmill (torture!).  Although my brain needs constant stimulation, certain twang-sounds in music make me want to throw things.  I understand animals better than people.  If I think of a new creative project, I must do it.  Now.   Not tomorrow.  NOW.  This is evidently a problem to the rest of those in the household who don’t understand my energy.

Home life?  Normal? What’s normal anyway?  We are *mostly* enjoying our little farm life in the cornfields of Northern Maryland in a town that no one has heard of (it seems) with our three horses, six cats (can’t turn down rescue kittens to save my life), way too many rabbits (did I mention we have a rabbitry?), one dog, nine chickens, two chinchillas, and one snake (well, in the house anyway… I’m not happy with the amount we have outside).

Feel free to check out the instagram if you dare to step into the daily crazy and a million cat pictures; there’s no way I can hide it anyway  😉