Current Projects

Occasionally, I begin a new photography project.


FLOWERS-MARYLANDMy project, Commute, a rule — Images may only be taken along the route of a regularly commuted location.  This means that I cannot go visit a location that is off the track of my regularly weekly commutes.   The purpose of this is as a commuter, we pass by so many scenes that can be absolutely beautiful, but we take them for granted and don’t always see the beauty in them.  This is quite a challenge as I won’t always be traveling during the best times for light.  Finding amazing light can be a bit tricky when you are going through an area during a high-noon harsh lighting situation.

My goal is to make every image interesting.  No matter what I am shooting, I want there to be artistic interest, but the lighting has to be simply beautiful.

Check out the whole project HERE.

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