Photoshop Retouching

Ever Wonder About The Wizard Behind the Curtain?

Learn Retouching of Photographs through Photoshop Video Tutorials

Coming very soon – retouching/editing videos by Jodie Otte of J. Otte Photography.

While we should always strive to get the best picture out of our cameras that we can, sometimes circumstances are not perfect…. Join me and learn some tips and tricks to enhance (and sometimes fix) to create polished images in photoshop.



before photoshop newborn


newborn after photoshopSome topics covered in video:


  • Newborn skin fixes (all types)
  • Color correcting
  • Compositing
  • Fix an eye
  • Fix a hand
  • Reshaping
  • Can a bad image be fixed and how to fix it
  • and much more…

Children / Families

  • Head swaps
  • Replace an appendage/limb (or two)
  • Add light
  • Better background
  • Beauty enhancements
  • Realistic and/or quick sky fixes
  • Change the light
  • and much more


  • Cutting time but maintaining detailed editing
  • Photoshop over Lightroom
  • Cull and editing a session from beginning to end
  • and much more…

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