Snow horses


Catching up on some photos and took a few minutes outside yesterday to photograph our horses in the snow.  I have two canvases in my front hallway of two of our three horses, and have been waiting for a good snow to add the third.  It’s nice to have a…

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Newborn Baby


Hello!  Haven’t shared any newborn pictures in a while.  I hit the ground running in fall and have been busy with so much, I haven’t gotten around to it. As I always say, I will try to post more These are a few from a newborn “petite” session.  Newborn petite…

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An unexpected hurdle – horses

champagne horse

In Yesterday’s Post, I wrote about my life changing yet again and discussed the morning routine with the horses.  This is kind of a continuation.  It’s really a great thing that my work situation changed.  I needed to get a hold of the balance of work and life and an unexpected…

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Sunflowers Northern Maryland


Got out a little early this morning after a great weekend camping with my daughter and our horses (see my instagram for pictures of that). I decided to stop at the sunflowers – yes, I live way up here in Northern Maryland where the “famous” sunflowers are.  I see photographers…

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Fog in Norrisville, Maryland


Fog in Norrisville, Maryland I love seeing the morning fog right behind my house.  While I hadn’t yet begun my commute this morning, I did run out with wet hair and muck boots to take this shot.  Sometimes the fog is better than this, but I figured I would catch…

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Newborn Photography


I know, I have been hounded to share more.  Life is crazy – will get back to that thought soon. I wanted to have some newborn editing videos up today at but didn’t quite have enough time today.  I’ll work on it for release another week.  Is there interested…

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The hidden colors in snow. | Maryland Photographer

icicle baltimore

Snow is funny to photograph.  First, if you are new to digital photography, you may miss your exposure and end up with white blown areas – not good.  Snow in nice light, can be a rainbow of colors – it’s pretty amazing. I didn’t go to work yesterday.  First, our…

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New Year…. Harford and Baltimore Family Portraits


Happy New Year all! We did it – we finally have our first official family portrait.  Oh, no, it’s not like I didn’t have three commercial studios and a shooting room in my house throughout the last 12 years…. how could we possibly have used any of those, right?  Haha!…

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