Stand Out

cornfields norrisville md

Stand Out (Black Horse, Maryland) I’d like to photograph the cornfields before they are gone for the year.  It was a beautiful morning.   I’ve been noticing a corn stalk springing up from all these – I believe they are soybeans – in the fields.  We had a nice sky,…

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The hidden colors in snow. | Maryland Photographer

icicle baltimore

Snow is funny to photograph.  First, if you are new to digital photography, you may miss your exposure and end up with white blown areas – not good.  Snow in nice light, can be a rainbow of colors – it’s pretty amazing. I didn’t go to work yesterday.  First, our…

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Sunset sky…

I noticed beautiful pink tones coming through my front windows last night, just as Dean told me to look outside, the sky is beautiful.  He was right – directly in front of my house above the cornfields, the sun was setting.  Such a beautiful night led to such an ugly…

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Back Home in Maryland

Taking a break from the vacation pictures for a bit, I thought I would share a beautiful sky out my back door this morning.  Although I thoroughly enjoyed every minute on the islands down in NC, home to me is the rolling hills and the green

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