Red Barn, Stormy Sky – Maryland Photography


Are you sick of all the crazy painted morning skies yet?  Here’s a dreary one, but I love this barn…. A little editing tip – if you ever feel like your red is a bit too dull, add a little yellow in the midtones… it may be what you were…

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Red Barn – Monkton Maryland Photography

monkton maryland

I just cannot believe the intensity of some of these skies in the morning… crazy.  Red barns are pretty common in this area, but with these morning skies…. I should have started doing this type of morning shooting years ago.  It’s really nice getting up a little early to enjoy…

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Maryland Farms Photographer


I have been eyeing up this spot on the way to work several times.  Well out of nowhere, they put up a fence.  It’s a beautiful fence, but it ruined my view… well, maybe not.  I kind of like the little peek I get from my vehicle.  It’s so beautiful…

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