Newborn Baby


Hello!  Haven’t shared any newborn pictures in a while.  I hit the ground running in fall and have been busy with so much, I haven’t gotten around to it. As I always say, I will try to post more These are a few from a newborn “petite” session.  Newborn petite…

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Red Barn, Stormy Sky – Maryland Photography


Are you sick of all the crazy painted morning skies yet?  Here’s a dreary one, but I love this barn…. A little editing tip – if you ever feel like your red is a bit too dull, add a little yellow in the midtones… it may be what you were…

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Red Barn – Monkton Maryland Photography

monkton maryland

I just cannot believe the intensity of some of these skies in the morning… crazy.  Red barns are pretty common in this area, but with these morning skies…. I should have started doing this type of morning shooting years ago.  It’s really nice getting up a little early to enjoy…

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Maryland Silo – Harford Baltimore Photographer


I’m a sucker for interesting tones that the sky gives. I was coming home from a photoshoot this past week, and the sun had set, but we had this overall cast of violets and pinks.  I just had to stop and shoot, but wasn’t sure what I wanted to shoot.…

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Newborn Portrait Session


  Wow… I can’t believe it.  Between semesters in college, I have finally caught up on all my photography client galleries! That deserves a big share of newborn images from a recent session.  Again, all on location.  This was done an evening this week with studio lights that I bring…

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Baby Photography


Beautiful baby boy.  It was wonderful working with this couple.  Once again, I utilized natural light and studio lighting on location in the client’s home.  

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Day in the Life of an On-Location Newborn Photographer


I got up this morning and thought maybe I should do a little “Day in the Life of a Newborn Photographer.”  If you follow my personal instagram, you may have already seen many of these images. I used to have commercial studios.  I maintained them for 10 years.  As you…

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On Location Newborn Photography

on location newborn photographer

ON LOCATION NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY   I have to say, switching to on location newborn photography was the best thing I have done in a long time.   The newborn sessions seem to go so much smoother  I’ve been traveling to client homes in the Greater Baltimore areas including Harford County,…

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Newborn Photography and quick update….


Hello all – yes, this is busy busy busy busy busy time for me.   I feel like I am running full speed and haven’t been able to catch my breath. (psst… check out this adorable little newborn while I ramble for a second) Just a quick check-in to say…

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Spring Photo Sessions – Book it now!


Hey all, I know it has been a little bit since I have posted some client images – I keep telling myself every weekend that I am going to sit down and schedule the postings, but then something comes up – like….. oops, college exam I forgot about…. “it’s too…

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Maryland Baby Photographer – Baby vs. Newborns


Everyone worries about whether or not they will get their newborn in to a photographer “on time”.  Personally, I count any baby up to 6 weeks, a newborn.  I know that photographers will argue that any baby older than 2 weeks is no longer a newborn, but I still work…

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